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Jack McRoberts, COO eDocument Solutions states,
"Metrinex has been a significant factor in the growth of eDocument Solutions, LLC. Metrinex is an excellent Microsoft® .net consultant company that has successfully architected, designed and deployed line of business applications that our key to eDocument Solutions LLC. Metrinex was able to take our vision and turned it into reality on several occasions surpassing our expectations. The line of business applications have been an excellent ROI for us and have significantly reduced eDocument Solutions,LLC, costs so we can pass the savings to our clients. Their attention to detail and Customer Satisfaction is the key element to our continued use of Metrinex."
CL - VP Operations for a national notary company states,

"Metrinex is a great Microsoft® .net consultant company that has successfully architected, designed and deployed several custom line of business applications that our business relies on. We continue to utilize their services whenever our technology and business needs change and have never been unsatisfied."
Deb Lysek, co-owner and CFO of Tri-iso® states,

"Tri-iso® is a rapidly growing chemical distribution company, and our website attracts many inquires from prospective customers and suppliers. Metrinex has strengthened our presence in the marketplace with a website that reinforces our strong emphasis on clearly presented technical and business information. Our "hedgehog" concept, the driving force that differentiates us from the competition, is our ability to provide reliable techical and business information to our customers. Our new website reinforces this concept. Metrinex has been very responsive to our needs."

Mark Negast, Tri-iso® Business Manager for Lubricant Additives, states,

"My role at Tri-iso® is to expand our presence in the additive markets for lubricants, metalworking fluids, grease and automotive aftermarket products. Having a website that is easy to update, and provides a strong market presence is a vital tool for recruiting new customers and suppliers. Metrinex design of the Tri-iso website enables us to add significant web content in a much more efficient manner, and the website is a powerful sales tool which is active 24 hours a day, every day."

Steven Luboviski, New Account Development Specialist and Webmaster at Tri-iso® states,

"Optimizing the Tri-iso® website for critical search terms was a daunting challenge. Metrinex understood our needs and was able to provide a clear path to accomplish our goals. We now feel confident when a prospective customer performs a web search for a product or technology that falls within our field of expertise, Tri-iso® and our suppliers will be identified. This adds tremendous value to our business and magnifies our presence in the marketplace. Our new Metrinex designed website is a valuable tool for Tri-iso®, our suppliers and our customers."